Little Blue NRD public hearing

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Updated: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 11:39:48 CST

As the state of Nebraska continues to wrestle with water use and regulation. Some new rules may be headed for producers in the Little Blue Natural Resources District.
This afternoon in Davenport, the Little Blue NRD's Board of Directors will hold a public hearing addressing proposed changes to the District's Groundwater Management Rules and Regulations.

Included in those changes:

The requirement of a flowmeter on *all* high capacity wells registered in the district by March of 2017...

No *new* well permits issued in "Aquifer less than 10 feet" areas...

And new well spacing requirements in "very high risk" area.

There is currently a temporary *stay* on drilling high capacity wells in those high risk areas that is expected to be lifted if the new rules are allowed to go into effect. Today's public hearing starts at 1:30.