Local school administrator reacts to possibility of guns in schools

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Updated: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 10:13:00 CST

The option of arming teachers in schools is a discussion that won't go away.

A bill in Nebraska's legislature could make that happen, but some people say that idea misses the mark when it comes to safety.

The deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 shook the country. It was the tipping point in an effort to stop school violence.

Some people say enact stricter gun control, others say we need better mental healthcare, but one Nebraska Senator is saying arm our teachers.

"I would never carry a gun. I wouldn't feel comfortable." Said Larry Lamber, Superintendent of Giltner Public Schools.

LB 879 was introduced by state senator Mark Christensen. on Tuesday. It would allow school staff members to carry a concealed handgun after obtaining training and the proper permit.

"That would create too many opportunities; like in our small school of 20 teachers, that means we could possibly have 20 guns in our school accessible to people." Said Lambert.

Another Nebraska Senator has a different idea. State Senator Rick Kolowski introduced LB 872.

This bill would create a state school security director in the Department of Education.

The Director would build safety and security plans with minimum standards that all schools must follow.

Schools across the country including Giltner already practice active shooter drills. They'll lock the door, turn off the lights, and hide in a safe corner.

Although some people argue that alone is not enough.

Senator Kolowski's bill would also regulate security assessments of every school in the state.

The former school principal says the only person that should be inside a school building with a gun is the School Resource Officer.

"The dangers that are inherent with anyone else carrying a weapon are too numerous to list right here." Said District 31 State Senator Rick Kolowski.

There may be wide disagreement on how to effectively combat school shootings, though most people say something needs to be done.

Both of those bills were introduced on Tuesday.

LB 879 the bill to allow guns in schools was referred to the Judiciary Committee.

LB 872 the bill to establish a state School Security Director was referred to the Education Committee.