Lopers From Grand Island

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:33:15 CST

Of course we are in the City of Kindness happy to be at the Nebraska State Fair for the 4th year.... The City of Kindness is good to the UNK Lopers with Liz McGowan, Steph Brand and Christina Silver all from GI that now play for the Loper. Last season, Air Time Ariel Krolokowski from senior high and Jena Rouzee from Northwest were great Lopers, so the GI Tradition continues. "We have three great schools in Grand Island, great coaches, great programs so a lot of girls have the opportunity to go on after high school and it's made it great at UNK and good for our schools in Grand Island. I think Grand Island just has a great group of coaches, a great group of schools and programs, they just know what they're taking about. They're really well respected not only by the community but the players as well so they know what they're doing and they just do a good job at it. One of the neat things about Grand Island is you have all classes represented over there. Usually those programs are ranked in the Top 10 in the state so with Liz and Steff from Central Catholic where they won the state championship and Christina from senior high where they've had similar success when we get a player from one of those programs they're typically well coached and ready to compete at the college level and that helps." Those Lopers and their teammates open the season Friday September 6th at high noon hosting William Jewell College. They'll take on Chadron State later that night at 8. They'll also play two games Saturday the 7th in their Victoria Inn–Runza Classic.