Major renovations coming to CCC

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 09:45:27 CST

Eight million dollars in changes are coming to Central Community College in Hastings.

But some students like things just the way they are.

CCC's Board of Governors has approved a bid to renovate the Hastings Campus.

Specifically, the 70–year–old cafeteria once used as a Navy mess hall.

A growing number of on–campus students has prompted the refurbishing.

C–C–C says new walls, plumbing and heating systems will also be installed.

Renovations will occur on the Hall Building and the Campus Center.

The cafeteria design is aimed at serving students faster...

Some say that's not an issue.

"I like the cafeteria,” freshman Gator Schott said. “I don't know what everybody else's opinion is but honestly, I think it's a good setup."

"That's not the message I get from the majority of students and the students that I've talked to,” Campus President Bill Hitesman said.

Remodeling begins this February and is expected to be done in July 2015.