Matt Davison At Adams Central

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:36:00 CST

Husker radio network color analyst and former Husker receiver Matt Davison is at Adams Central high school tonight talking about his "Creating Captains" mentoring program.. Like everyone in Husker nation, Matt is getting ready for the season which is coming ever closer as the Big Red gets set to face the Wyoming Cowboys just 19 days from now. Tonight, though it was talking to young people as they begin another school year and talking about setting a good example. "We've been able to raise a lot of money to fight child hunger across Nebraska. Our website is like to get that in and you know people can help us through donations. The other thing we do is also a lot of speeches around the state talking to kids and coaches about leadership and character building and how to be a good person and so I think you know, tonight I was able to share that message I learned a lot of great things from my coaches and teammates that I had to when I was at Nebraska." Matt has made trips to a number high schools around the state "Creating Captains" for the past few years. It's a way for him to give back after a successful college career and now as one of the familiar voices of Husker football and basketball.