Megan Kelly Benefit coming up this weekend

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:05 CST

Welcome back, everyone. I'm joined by Katie Ruth and Kayla Olson and, of course, little Liam here. And they are talking about the Megan Kelly Benefit. Katie Gauthier: And, I guess, first guys just tell us a little bit about who Megan Kelly is and who Liam is as well. Katie Ruth: Well, Megan is a teacher at Adams Central school district. She taught for 10 years at Wallace District 60. Kayla Olson: And when she was 6 months pregnant she found out she had cancer. And she started chemotherapy while she was pregnant. And then Liam was born. He was happy and healthy and still is. Katie Gauthier: He's very cute. Kayla Olson: Yes, he is. And she continued her treatments afterwards. She was doing chemotherapy and radiation then afterwards. Then a month after she finished her first cycle of treatment she found out that her cancer had come back and it had spread. So she is actually currently in Maryland right now. She's part of a clinical trial and hopes to stay with that. So she's just been traveling every other week to Maryland and it's been just a very stressful time with being a mom and trying to enjoy time with Liam and also be on the road constantly. Katie Gauthier: I can only imagine. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she actually celebrated being cancer free in March. And then in April found out that she - that the cancer had spread again. That had to be just devastating. Katie Ruth: It was. You know, when you're young you put away money for a house and for your first car and for starting a family. You don't think about putting away money for just in case I get cancer. Katie Gauthier: That's exactly true. And so you guys are helping out. You're putting on a benefit. Tell us a little bit about that. Where can people go? How can people get tickets? Kayla Olson: Yes, the benefit is this Sunday, July 28th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. It's at First St. Paul's Lutheran Church. It'll be in the Celebration Room. And there's just a lot of great things that'll be happening that day. They're going to have sloppy joes and hot dogs and all sorts of salads and desserts. And there will also be some pretty neat items at the silent auction. Katie Ruth: Yeah, we've got some Jason Aldean tickets. Tom Osborne's autograph on a football from the dinner they had a few months ago. And we're going to have some of our former students singing about how she's our hero.