Middle Linebacker Spot Up For Grabs

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Updated: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 11:58:34 CST

First it was David Santos manning the all important Middle linebacker spot in Bo Pelini's defense

Then, Freshman standout Josh Banderas forced his way into the starting role against Southern Miss

Now ..well we're back at square one

Bo Pelini: "You'll see a little bit of both of them. Santos is right now working with the ones. Banderas continues to come and do some good things. You know we will play a little more base this week. We'll see some base, and some dime and some nickel so we got a number of different guys involved and we're just working at making each one of them better."

John Papuchis: "I said it a long time ago when David wasn't running with the first group anymore that, just give it a little time. If he works hard he'll be back in that spot. There is a reason he was there in the first place. Josh is working hard. There is times I think he feels a little overhwlemed but that's to be expected to a certain extent. I don't know that at linebacker we'll just have the true one group that goes out there every play."