Coach Miles NCA Keynote Speaker

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Updated: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 01:40:54 CST

Who wouldn't like to hear from someone in their industry whom they idolize

I know I do ...that's why I take notes every day when Colin Murphy speaks

Hundreds of coaches throughout the state ...getting the chance today

To hear from the man who took Nebraska basketball back to the dance last season

Head Coach...Tim Miles

Coach Miles ...the keynote speaker for the Nebraska Coaches Association Clinic at the Hendricks Training Center

Speaking to those the same profession about all phases of coaching

Including ...creating an identity for their program

Well I think it is important for them to take away that it is really a lot of work to create culture. It's not just waiting for the right group of kids. Kids want to be taught, kids want to be nurtured and sport is a great way to do it."