Miracle At Memorial

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Updated: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 08:40:25 CST

It's one of those, where were you moments.

If you were lucky enough to be in memorial Stadium to witness Ron Kellogg's 49 yard prayer tipped into the waiting arms of Jordan Westerkamp, or, if you were simply watching on your couch....chances are it's a moment Husker fans will never, ever...forget.

"Last play, either Quincy was going to make it. It got tipped. Like I said, I was just fortunate to be there. Just another routine catch. Had to just bring it in and it was just a great play."

"Of all the games last year and everything, this probably, I mean, a hail mary. Last second. Endzone. At home, in front of, I could not control my emotions. Usually I'm not like that. I mean that will be remembered in this place forever and that's something that I will remember forever. I was just so happy for my teammates I just love my teammates so much and I love this team."

"I'm really proud of those guys. The way they battled. Losing guys, guys are stepping up. The fight, the attitude, it's never over till it's over."

And neither, is Nebraska's season.

The big red ...still alive for another legends division title, hoping the momentum from this contest will propel them moving forward.

"Coming off a loss last week, and just fighting. You know, we fought until the end. We kept fighting and our backs were up against the wall we kept fighting. I think that getting a win can give motivation."

"Big team win. You know, defense, played great so take all the momentum and this week, prepare like normal and get ready for Michigan."