Moms get a lesson in parenting at "Mom's Day Out"

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Updated: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 08:30:02 CST

Between working and raising a family, even supermom's need a little help.

That's what the Multicultural Alliance of Hastings' "Mom's Day Out" is for.

A group of mom's gathered for some parenting advice from a local expert.

Her message? Get involved.

Parents should be involved at their kids' school, and in their everyday lives.

"I have to know for my son, my teenager son to be safe, to not make troubles with the police and stay home on time." Said Carmen Cardona, a mother of three.

She also says get your kids involved in as many activities as possible.

It can keep them out of trouble and it looks good on college resumes.

These meetings are scheduled on the third Friday of each month through May.

The next one is February 21st at Grace United Methodist Church in Hastings. The topic of discussion is nutrition.