More Than Meets the Eye

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:33:42 CST

Pick a cliche …about perseverance …fighting through adversity

And there's a good chance a football program around the country

Has adopted the phrase as it's mantra

But there is one football player in the town of Gibbon, Nebraska 

Who embodies the characteristics …. that every coach longs for

"Sometimes when we're watching film over here, I'll ask a kid, What happened here? The block was too hard. And then they kind of stop and think about it. And they're like no it wasn't. I just  didn't do it. I think Jason has really taught some of our kids, no it's not. If you think your block is too hard, try doing what Jason does."

Meet Jason Bond, a sophomore football player for the Gibbon Buffaloes 

At first glance, he looks like your typical high school student

But there is far more to Jason that meets …or doesn't meet the eye

"He was born and his eyes were back in his head. SO they took him to Omaha and that's where they found out he was legally blind." 

"I don't worry about the blindness. I worry about coming to school and doing my activities." 

Jason's vision is 2200 …leaving him able to see only a few feet in front of him 

At school …he has a special monitor that allows him to view material on the board 

But it was his love for football …and a relationship with a coach by the name of Mike Bennett

That allowed Jason to see past his poor eyesight …and pursue his dream

"He come to me and he goes, what do you think about me playing football? And I said, you do what you want to do. What makes you happy. And so he told me I'm going to play football." 

"When I'm up close, I can still see the football. Like I can see everyone. I see the play when they start it and I can follow but sometimes I lose them."

"He's just a normal kid. We don't look at him as half blind or whatever. He is just one of our players."

Spend any time around Jason, and it's easy to see why

His teammates gravitate towards him, and to a man, they'll tell you how much he means to the program 

Which made his first career touchdown against Ainsworth on Septemeber 20th

Even more special

"That was awesome. To actually score a touchdown. In a varsity football game." 

"It was just emotional. It was pretty neat. I don't think he'll forget it. Ever. I don't think we all will."