Nebraska conservative leaders endorse Osborn

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Updated: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 05:07:30 CST

Just one day after State Auditor Mike Foley came to U.S. Senate Candidate Shane Osborn's defense over attack ads, five prominent Nebraska conservative leaders are endorsing Osborn.
Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus President Laura Ebke, Nebraska Takpayers for Freedom President Doug Kagan, Nebraska Conservative Leader DeeDee Kelly, Western Nebraska Taxpayers Association Chairman Mike Groene, and Omaha Liberty Ladies President Sheila Heieck are all backing Osborn.

On Monday, the Club for Growth began a six-figure television blitz that used state audits to conclude that Osborn mismanaged the office. But current State Auditor and gubernatorial candidate Mike Foley conducted those audits and defended the former Nebraska State Treasurer.