Nebraska football players get ready for tough practices

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:33:30 CST

If you were with us last night here on News 5 at Ten, you heard coach Bo Pelini say today is a most important day for the players on his team even though they're not practice. Bo said it's crucial they get off their feet and rest because the next week of two a days will be grueling. Who will win jobs? What players will become the next playmakers and stars of the team? Whom will the fans be talking about as difference makers? The answers to those question start to form in the tough training camp practices as the Huskers close in on the season opener against Wyoming 3 weeks from yesterday. "I think on both sides I've seen a lot of good things and this is the point in camp where you're more concerned with guys jelling as a unit but getting guys to come individually. We're working a lot of different combinations and seeing what guys can do." Those are encouraging words from the coach. There are definitely some intense competitions in practice especially along the defensive line. There are names in camp not well known that soon will become well known once the season starts, but who are they? Stay tuned. We'll see.