Nebraska politicians vote in favor of debt deal

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By Jeniffer Berry


Updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 11:01:24 CST

The Senate was first to pass legislation Wednesday night to end the government shutdown and avert a possible default.

With an 81-18 vote, the measure was then sent to the House of Representatives where it was also approved.

Nebraska Rep. Adrian Smith voted for the short term bill, and said a divided government requires both sides to negotiate and find common ground.

"While this this legislation is far from ideal, it is the only option at this point to end the current stalemate and continue negotiations over our long term fiscal challenges including the President's health care law," he said.

Nebraska U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer voted in favor of the measure, but said it is not a long-term answer.

"The government should not intentionally make life harder for its people," she said. "This agreement preserves spending cuts enacted by the Budget Control Act, but more discussions about how to curb our out-of-control spending need to occur."

Fellow Sen. Mike Johanns also voted in favor of the bipartisan agreement to re-open government and prevent default.

"As we move forward, I will also continue to seek ways to ease the pains cause by Obamacare and support every measure to repeal the law in its entirety," he said. "Btu, we must find responsible, meaningful ways to do so, not through symbolic gestures. 

Once signed by President Barack Obama, the agreement will fund the government until Jan. 15, and raise the nation's borrowing limit through Feb. 7.