Nebraska sees significant land valuation increase

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Updated: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 11:51:18 CST

As the Governor, lawmakers and residents of the state continue to battle high property tax and increasing land valuation... It comes as no surprise that this year, Nebraska saw a significant increase in land valuation.
According to new numbers released by the Nebraska Department of Revenue, yhe state as a whole saw a nearly 12-and-a-half percent increase. That results in a nearly 21 billion dollar increase in land valuation.

Breaking it down by counties... Adams County and Buffalo County were both above the state average. Adams County saw a nearly 18 percent increase in valuation, While Buffalo County saw a nearly 17 percent increase. Hall County fell below the state average, wth an 11.57 percent increase in land valuation. Increases in property value do result in increases in property taxes, but that also means an increase in tax revenue for local governments.