High School Rodeo at Adams County Fairgrounds

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Updated: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 09:31:52 CST

It is high school finals rodeo weekend at Adams County Fairgrounds...

After seeing some of the early action tonight, we'll look at some of the nighttime highlights....

We start with the breakaway roping as Sydney Armstrong gets it done in a time of 3.67 seconds, she'll be in the final tomorrow.

Then it's MacKenzie Walker with a time of 5.62 before that as that quick calf is hard to corral.

Now to the bareback and Wyatt Gewinnet riding out the most exciting 8 seconds in sports. He stays on the horse and achieves a score of 59 points.

A couple of guys went down with their horses Landon Fear got a no reride but Tristin Ekland, though he went down, did get a reride...We'll see Wyatt in the championship.