Mister Basketball Starts in Kearney

Legion Ball, Home Federal wins 2 in Lincoln

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Updated: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 10:03:48 CST

It is the 25th annual Mister Basketball Tournament at the UNK Sports Center in Kearney...

As usual, some great teams and excellent players are on hand for four intense days of competition.

It is the 25th annual Mister Basketball tournament at the UNK Health and Sports Center and though its summer basketball, the competition is intense.

Coach Damion Brown brought his Tru Federation team up from Kansas City. His squad makes several summer trips and coming here to Kearney is a destination he looks forward to taking his team.

For sure you know we've traveled here and there to Chicago, We'll go to Milwaukee end of the month, we have good competition we bring to Kansas City so we're looking forward to what they have here in Kearney.

32 teams from five different states are in the field this year. Each will get to play at least four games with semi finals and championship rounds Sunday.

Local teams such as Nebraska Pride Red looks forward to tougher competiton against opponents they would not ordinarly see.

O it's great, it just makes you get better, play with different competition makes you get better and it improves your skills.

That's whey we're here and sometimes this comes hard and sometimes you have it a little easier but you just want to elevate your game every day by playing tougher competition.

Winning and losing these games are not as important as playing tougher competition which will give teams a better chance at winning when their seasons start and the games do count.