Officials respond to Gov. Heineman's letter about veterans home

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Updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 07:38:41 CST

It's been a week since Gov. Heineman sent a letter to Hall County and Grand Island leaders asking them to support the move of the veterans home to Kearney and condemn the actions of Veterans Service Officer Don Shuda.

Wednesday, Mayor Jay Vavricek and Hall County Board Chair Pam Lancaster wrote letters back.

Shuda sent a letter to Washington D.C., accompanied by 5,000 signatures in support of keeping the Central Nebraska Veterans Home in Grand Island.

Lancaster said while she knew the signatures were being sent, she had not read Shuda's cover letter.

But she and Vavricek agree that the Governor's statement that Shuda asked for a stop in federal funding was taken out of context.

They also say as leaders they will not stop the fight to keep the home in G.I.

"I've got to support the previous effort, the leadership, all the devotion, knowing that the home's origination here is in Grand Island," Vavricek said.

"This should ultimately rise above personal and political issues and this should be about the care of our veterans," Lancaster said. "And, I believe by everything in me that the best care of veterans and the best place for their home is here where it's been for 126 years."

The move to Kearney is dependent on federal funding.