Online Sunmart auction to be held Tuesday

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Updated: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 06:37:27 CST

Owning a piece of the old Sunmart grocery store in Hastings is just a few clicks away from becoming a reality for some shoppers. Sunmart is holding an online auction on Tuesday via

Back in March Sunmart closed their doors. Now, they're selling all of their checkout stands, shelving units, coolers, and refrigerators. Interested bidders can visit Sumart in Hastings today and tomorrow to take a look at the merchandise.

Bill Delo, site manager for says it's just like Ebay, and there will be some deals you won't want to miss.
"If there's two or three people that are interested in the same item the price will go up it depends on the item but usually it'll be pennies on the dollar."

The online auction will be held from 8 am to 8 pm tomorrow night, but bidders are invited to pre-bid online today as well.