Pacha Soap Company moving to a new space in downtown Hastings

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Updated: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 09:13:45 CST

A local organic soap company in Hastings is bubbling into a growing business and is now in need of more space. Pacha Soap Company is moving into a new shop in downtown Hastings.

The company is moving from its basement location on west 2nd, to the former Big G Ace building at 405 West 2nd. In January, Pacha hired Jessi Hoeft as it's Chief Operating Officer. The company that makes organic personal care products, is trying to clean up the world one bar of soap at a time. In fact, for every bar purchased, one is given to someone in need.

Pacha is solely a manufacturer and sells its products at Back Alley Bakery and WineStyles in Hastings. In Kearney and Grand Island, you can find the suds at GROW Nebraska stores. You can find more information at