Pelini Shuts Down Talk of QB Controversy

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Updated: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 11:42:39 CST

Now ...I guess we know how Nostradamus felt.

Big Red nation ...getting a glimpse into the future yesterday...sans the Ron Kellogg Cameo's, with Tommy Armstrong Junior ...starting his second straight contest, as Taylor Martinez ...continues to be sidelined ..with turf toe.

TA2 ...didn't chuck it a ton.

Going 8 for 13 ...for 135 yards and two scores.

But he didn't really need to ...with Ameer Abdullah...going off, 225 yards and two scores for the junior I back in Nebraska's 39 to 19 win.

Nonetheless ...Armstrong fans reason to be optimistic about the future, but pump the brakes if you want to start any talk of a qb controversy.

"No one is ever solidified into a job, no matter what, but I think Taylor has earned, over a long period of time, that when he is ready to go, he'll be the starting quarterback."

"Taylor, he is the guy for this offense and I'm going to be patient and when my number is called, that's what I am going to do and if it's next week, in two weeks, three weeks, you never know. I'm just going to prepare myself the right way and I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. My number is going to be called every game next year and I'm just preparing the right way."

"I think he did really well. Commanded the offense well, knew what he was doing out there. Had a lot of confidence. That first game he really got his feet underneath him and this game really helped him even more just to be confident out there and make the passes he needed to  make."

"I know my first two games, and I played wide receiver. I don't have to know everything, my first two games my head was spinning. I was nervous. Tommy stepped up. He's made the right reads, he's made the right plays. I mean the kid is just doing a good job. I'm excited to play another year with him."