Picking the perfect pumpkin

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:34:04 CST

With hundreds of pumpkins over acres of land at Glenvil's Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch, there's plenty to choose from.  But for each person who hitches a hayride out to the patch, there's only one perfect pumpkin.

"I just got one that looked good, one that I could carve," said Carly Bostock, of Hastings.

"I need something big," said Cailyn Barry, of Superior.

"Red and blue one," said Ben Wibbels, of Hastings. 

"I noticed it because it was big," said Caycee Barry, of Hastings. 

"I thought it had some good character so I plucked it from the patch," added Doug Erb, of Orchard. 

With 20 varieties of pumpkins at Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch, there's no two that are the same.

"I've seen white, orange, yellow, red, green, all kinds of colors," said Anna Wibbels, of Hastings. 

"There's a lot of short ones and tall ones and round ones and oval ones," added Erin Blakely of Hastings. 

But with so many to choose from, scattered over 4 acres, how does one pumpkin picker pick his prize?

"We kind of like looked on the way in and everybody else kind of went to the same areas right outside and we walked on the other side of the field," said Blaise Lemke, of Hastings. 

And picking the pumpkins is just half the fun.  From the patch, these pumpkins have big futures as pies, purees and art.  So now it's time to let the carving commence.

"Gushy... Ew," said Riley, of Hastings. 

Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until October 27th.