Pipeline opponents hold vigils

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Updated: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 09:26:29 CST

Opponents of the Keystone X-L pipeline are saying not so fast... this after a recent report by the U-S State Department appeared to pave the way for TransCanada's pipeline to be approved.

Monday night, Nebraskans participated in vigils in five different cities... including Grand Island.

Vigils also took place in Omaha, Lincoln, York, and Atkinson.

Opponents of the pipeline are once again calling on the president to deny the pipeline because the route proposed does not avoid the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer.

"They want everyone to feel bad for them because they're saying "we're the poster project for the environmentalists to capitalize on. Well, it just happens here in Nebraska we're concerned about the Keystone XL pipeline but more and more people are concerned about the world environment," said pipeline opponent Tom Genung.

"And I have a friend whose relative lives in Canada who's dating a TransCanada management person, and he said if TransCanada builds the pipeline, they will bring their own people, who are trained to build it. Very few Nebraskans will be hired to help with that," said pipeline opponent Nina Sprague.

Over 300 vigils are being organized across the country in less than 48 hours as a show of strength.

Public comment for the project opens on February 5th.