'Polar Vortex' phrase causing controversy

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Updated: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 10:35:42 CST

Remember this winter's polar vortex?  That blast of bitterly cold temperatures that swept the country? Winter may be over but that term is back.  Forecasted temperatures next week are looking to be well below average and now a recent post from a National Weather Service Office referencing the return of the Polar Vortex has sparked a bit of a national frenzy.

Lifeguards manning the pools, a familiar scene of what summer in Nebraska is like...

Regina Rademacagr

"The weather is great.  Nice clouds at times and the sunshines great," said Regina Rademacagr, a, Island Oasis pool go-er.

"It feels amazing, it's a nice day to come out with the family and just enjoy the sun," said Bradye Lawrenz, another swimmer at Island Oasis.

But forecasted temperatures next week are looking to be much cooler... 10 to 20 degrees below average.  On July 10th.. the Chicago National Weather Service Office posted a weather story on their Facebook page stating that the Polar Vortex is making a "rare summer cameo."  After close to 7–thousand shares on Facebook including from national networks like NBC, controversy on the legitimacy of the statement started.  Jeremy Wesely a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service says using the term Polar Vortex confuses the public.

"The term polar vortex was a term that was used a lot this past winter.  It's not a term with what we are planning to see the next few days because it kind of sends a wrong connotation or message," said Wesely.

In fact, the National Weather Service Central Region sent out a message to their local offices asking them not to use or comment on the Polar Vortex term any longer.  Wesely says while the forecasted temperatures are much cooler than average, they aren't unheard of.

"The reality is we may not even see a record low temperature out of this"

We're not expecting any type of cold air by any means.  It's July for heaven's sake," said Wesely.

Despite the cool weather likely not setting any records, Diane Miller, the Facility Manager at Island Oasis says that they are expecting a big hit on business next week.

"It's going to affect us big time.  We need warm days."  I'd be happy if we hit 300 each day.. We will be open if the temp is a above 70," said Miller.

Wesely says that it looks like this cooler stretch will be short lived.

"It's a nice cool down, it's a blip in the overall picture.  Get out there enjoy Tuesday and Wednesday because we will be warming back up," said Wesely.

Last year on August 16th, we saw record cold highs for both Hastings and Grand Island as temperatures barely reached 70 degrees so temperatures this cool do occur on a somewhat regular basis.  It looks like the term Polar Vortex has really peaked the public's attention after last year's cold year.