Police investigate fatal shooting in Downtown G.I.

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Updated: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:56:00 CST

The Grand Island Police Department released very little information Wednesday night, as investigators worked to piece together what happened leading up to a fatal shooting in downtown.

A man, who's name has not been released, died following a shooting here at 3rd and S. Locust streets.

Police said around 6:30 p.m., a man standing outside of this red Avalanche SUV was shot in the torso.

He was taken to Saint Francis Medical Center where he later died.

One woman who works in a studio across from The Downtown Center at 308 S. Locust said she heard two loud noises minutes apart, and then she heard sirens. 

Another woman who cleans inside of this building said she was inside the building when she heard sirens.

She said she came out and saw emergency crews loading a man from the SUV onto the stretcher.

She said she is sometimes nervous working downtown at night.

"Sometimes I am this time of night," said Deborah Dombrowski. "You don't know. I walk out the door, make sure all the doors are locked, make sure nobody can get in the building."

The Grand Island Police Department is still investigating the shooting. Crews were seen around the red Avalanche collecting evidence Wednesday night.

When asked if they have a suspect, The Grand Island Police Department remained firm in that they will not be releasing any more information until Thursday.