Positive Outlook For Local Businesses

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By Patrick Duronio


Updated: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 05:22:18 CST

For the 5th consecutive month a survey of Nebraska businesses shows a positive outlook for sales and employment.

The survey, conducted by the University of Nebraska Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research, shows a third of the businesses said they expected their sales to increase during the next six months, while about half expect them to stay the same.

Business owners in downtown Hastings are excited about the results. Tammy Valentin, co-owner of Gary Michael's Clotheirs in Hastings says their business continues to grow because of their relationship with the customers.
"We care...it's not just a bottom line for us, we do care about our customers and we always strive to do our best and just build that relationship."
Only 18 percent of the businesses surveyed said they expect sales to decrease.