Potential flooding causes concern for contamination of private drinking water wells

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Updated: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 10:56:42 CST

There's a flood watch for the Tri–City area through Monday evening.  With the threat of flooding comes the concern for water contamination to private drinking water wells.  Bacteria, chloroform and even E–coli can seep into your drinking water.  U–N–L Extension Educator Dewey Lienemann says flood water that comes within one hundred feet of a water well can potentially contaminate the source.

"You would assume if you have a flood that you have a high potential for contamination.  If you want to make sure and it's a good idea anyway is to take water samples.  If you question it, get your water tested," said Lienemann

Lienemann says that you can test your water at your local health center.  If your well water is contaminated he says to drain it right away fill it with fresh water mixed with a chlorinated product to disinfect and let it sit for at least twelve hours.