Second round of prison reform debate

LB 907 advances to final reading...

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Updated: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 12:36:36 CST

LB 907 advanced to final reading. There was no opposition to the bill.

Prison reform is front and center on the unicameral floor this morning. Earlier in the session, State lawmakers gave first round approval to LB 907 with a 36 to 0 vote. The bill aims to reduce recidivism and criminal behavior and ease prisoners back into society by providing for supervised release, reentry probation officers, the creation of the Nebraska Center for Justice Research among other goals.

Today State Senators will decide whether or not to move the bill even further. In second round debate, several amendments have been proposed and adopted. Once all of the amendments are voted on, State Senators will vote on sending the bill to the final round of approval.

Omaha Senator Brad Ashford's bill includes funding for different programs that will help prisoners upon reentry including $5 million for prisoner job training, nearly $4 million to expand substance abuse programs and another $5 million for services for mentally ill prisoners.