Public tax hearing in Lincoln

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 06:10:48 CST

From Omaha to North Platte—and Norfolk and Lincoln in between--Nebraska's Tax Modernization committee has held public hearings all over the state.

The first one was Sept. 23rd in Scottsbluff and the last of the year...Friday in Lincoln.

Senator Galen Hadley is the chair of the Tax Modernization Committee.

They've studied tax reform extensively in recent months.

So has the Open Sky Policy Institute, a Lincoln–based research group.

Open Sky has created six fictional Nebraska lifestyles—

Like Dan, a single renter...Or Chris and Jill, homeowners and parents of 3.

They then projected how each group would be affected by proposed tax reforms.

Janice Garrett doesn't fit any of the categories perfectly.

She's a widow from Minden whose children are all grown up and have moved out.

Her friend Nancy has a similar story.

"It always kind of seems to come down on the middle class person who ends up paying the most taxes. That's upsetting,” Nancy Weinberger of Kearney said. 

Some of Weinberger's biggest concerns come over agriculture taxes.

Those are concerns from Hadley has as well, and he asked Seward County Assessor about them Friday.

The Committee has heard from UNL economy experts and regular Nebraskans alike.

Open Sky's study on regular Nebraskans can be found here: