Quicker Tempo, Tracking Devices Pay Dividends

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Updated: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 12:58:18 CST

Garmin? Tom Tom?

Not quite ...but GPS tracking devices

Have been all the rage this fall camp

For the Nebraska football team

The Huskers ...using GPS monitoring on players

Tracking significant data ...as they practice

Just one of the changes Bo Pelini made in fall camp...which wrapped up Saturday

Another...was the emphasis the coaches put on having a quick tempo throughout

And the head husker says...he's pleased with the results

I think it went great. I think we had great tempo. Our soft tissue injuries were way down. It gave me a lot of good information. We were able to pretty much stay right on track with what we aimed to do going in and for the first time through that isn't real easy to do. But, we were disciplined in staying on our time frames and with the type of tempo that our guys practiced with it enabled us to stay on those timeframes so it worked out really well.