Red-White Review

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Updated: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:41:52 CST

We knew this year's red–white game was going to be a little different.

Veering away from the traditional contest, instead opting for an offense vs. defense setup, but the format ...was far from the most unusual aspect of the afternoon.

From a tribute to one of the most famous parody accounts on twitter

"The cat was probably a little freaked out. I don't know."

"We tried to get him to wear the sweater, too, but that wasn't cutting it. He said that was a little too far."

To a proposal two of the state's hero's leading a drug free pledge

Saturday's Red–White game ...seemingly had it all

And even a little football too ...

"Honestly I think this is our best spring. We had a bunch of guys that our injured and we had a bunch of young guys that stepped up. Honestly we are in the best position right now we could ever be in."

With Ameer Abduallah sitting out ...Nebraska's stable of backs...on full display

Adam Taylor ...Terrell Newby ...and Imani Cross all impressing

But one ...rushing for 100 yards on only 6 carries ...amy have stood out

"MVP right here. Oh my gosh."

"We have some quality backs that are all kind of a little bit different but very unique and effective in their own way."

And while the quarterback job is Tommy Armstrong's to loose

Both Ryker Fyfe ...and Johnny Stanton ...impressing on Saturday

Stanton ...leading a pair of touchdown drives

While Fyke ...engineered a 70 yard scoring drive against the first team defense

"Right now they are pretty much co–number twos and to me they are right in there competing. There are no won after the spring as far as I am concerned."

With the defense also showing well ...from the line the secondary

"I think we knew that we could be a good defense but you know, we are young. From fall we have kind of learned a lot. We were kind of just knowing what our own job was and what the person next to you is but now we are kind of learning the whole basics of the defense."

"These guys have more experience. They are learning and continuing to grow. Defensively we have a chance, like I said if we keep progressing we will be pretty good."

But the end of the day ...Bo Pelini glad the season opener against Florida Atlantic

Isn't coming up next week

"This is a marathon, not a sprint. There is a plan in place. I thin we have identified things both good and areas that we bottom line have to get better at  and progress before it happens for real."