Report shows lack of dental care in rural Nebraska

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By Shane Samuelson


Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:33:31 CST

A report recently released by the University of Nebraska Medical Center shows that it is harder for rural Nebraska residents to find dental care. The report revealed that 48 counties in the state have a shortage in general dentistry. 20 don't even have a dentist. More bad news. There has been a steady decline in students going into the field of dentistry. Dr. Charles Bauer of Hastings says this isn't a new problem. "There are some studies that have indicated it is difficult for people to get dental care in rural areas. However, since I've been here for 34 plus years at least in this area, as dentists retire and additional dentists come in, new dentists come in and fill those spots," said Dr. Bauer. The report also shows that of the 1,028 dentists practicing in the state only 39.2 percent of them practice in rural areas.