Republican candidates on "Earned Time Law"

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Updated: Fri, 07 Mar 2014 11:53:13 CST

Senator Scott Laughtenbaugh's bill, LB 382, or the Earned Time Law, is getting a lot of attention this session. With Governor Dave Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning working to get the bill through the legislature, News 5 caught up with some of the Republican candidates vying to take Heineman's and Brunings seats, and we asked them what they think of Good Time versus Earned Time.
Pete Ricketts: For violent offenders here in Nebraska we want to keep them incarcerated so making it an earned time law is absolutely appropriate.  We've got to determine who we're mad at and who we're afraid of.  And for violent offenders, we want them incarcerated.
Beau McCoy: Well I certainly think that violent offenders ought to have to earn that good time, not receive it automatically, which is what is in place today.  I'm a co-sponsor of the bill. I very much support the bill.
Mike Hilgers: It should be earned not good time.  You have a sentence you ought to serve that sentence.  There certainly ought to be opportunities for you to reduce your sentence but as long as you earn it.  So I think those reforms are on the right track.
Pete Pirsch: Making sure that we always have a place in our prisons for the most violent offenders who do pose real threat to our family's safety.
Bernie Buescher: There's some repetitive criminals who still get good time which I think needs to change.  And if I'm Attorney General, I'm going to lead that charge to try and change the law so that folks who are violent criminals, do not get good time.
Testimony for LB 832 or the Earned Time Law was heard in front of the Judiciary committee on February 12th.... The bill has not yet been voted on.