Republicans race to the polls

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Updated: Thu, 15 May 2014 09:18:01 CST

Two key Republican races for U.S. Senate and Governor caused almost 45 percent of Republican voters to head to the polls.

Election officials say it's an eight percent increase from the 2010 election.

Only 32% of Republicans voted four years ago.

Many Democratic races were unopposed which pulled the turnout numbers down.

Just 19% of democrats in the state voted in Tuesday's primary.

That's down from 21% percent in 2010.

Yesterday there was a 27% overall voter turnout in the state.

Hall County was below the state average with just 26%.

But, Hall County Election Commissioner Dale Baker expects better numbers when she breaks them down by precincts.

"When we get through the canvas of the election I think that I'll get a chance to take a look at each precinct and how the voters turned out and I think that some of my precincts will surpass the 30%," says Dale Baker.

Adams County had approximately a 40% turnout and Buffalo County had almost 28%.

2006 still has the highest voter turnout with 35%.

That was because of the race for Governor between Dave Heineman and Tom Osborne.