Ricketts defends his experience

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Updated: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 10:04:16 CST

Gubernatorial nominee Pete Ricketts started the week with a big announcement. He chose current Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann as his running mate for the November election. But, the selection has raised some questions from his opponent.
A day after the choice was made Democrat Chuck Hassebrook said, "Mr. Ricketts made this choice because he needed to make up for his lack of knowledge about government, agriculture, and small town Nebraska. While Mr. Ricketts has spent his life in a corporate board room or in his family's pro-baseball team's stadium, I have been here working to create opportunity for all Nebraskans."

Ricketts was in Hastings tonight at the Adams County Republican Convention. He says its just typical political warfare, but that Heidemann only adds to an already strong ticket.

Chuck Hassebrook has yet to select a running mate for his campaign. The two will meet in the general election in November. State Senator Les Seiler was also at tonight's event. We'll hear from him tomorrow on prison reform.