Gubernatorial race: Ricketts moves on to general election

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By News 5 Staff


Updated: Wed, 14 May 2014 12:11:34 CST

The six Republican gubernatorial candidates vying for Governor Heineman's job came down to a tight race between two men: Jon Bruning and Pete Ricketts.

The two candidates remained neck and neck all night... Until Ricketts pulled away with only 2,171 more votes. After 11 pm last night, Bruning conceded to Pete Ricketts.

Ricketts managed to walk away with 26.48 percent of the votes. Compared to Bruning's 25.49 percent.

Despite a brief run as third from Mike Foley, Beau McCoy came through with that title with 20.94 percent of the votes.

Ricketts will now face Democrat Chuck Hassebrook and Libertarian Mark Elworth in the November general election.