RV salesmen discuss market rebound

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:32:16 CST

When the economy stumbled, so did the RV market.

But camper salesmen are now saying their business is on a rebound.

Dykeman's held their 37th annual RV show today at the Adam's County Fairgrounds.

Customers were surprised by the size and technology of modern campers.

Many are now equipped with smart TVs and satellite technology.

A plummeting economy took the RV market with it...

But salesmen say things are now looking up.

"We're still going. We've done really good the last couple years and we're hoping it continues this way,” salesman Brad Dykeman.

The RV expo is held during the winter each year...

That takes guests' minds off the frigid weather—not much of an issue today.

Today marks the second day of that three day event.

It will conclude tomorrow at 6 p.m.