Same Story, Different Game

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Updated: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:58:06 CST

Hey, remember that football game that happened on Friday?

The one with the two schools from neighboring states who are now, quote rivals?

Funny how a 5 minute post–game press conference can make you forget all about a game

And that might be exactly what the Huskers want to do, after falling at home by three scores to the Iowa Hawkeyes

Same story...different week

As the Huskers give the ball away three times

Including a pair early on ...that really hamstrung the offense

"Yea we had six possessions in the first half. Two turnovers. One of the turnovers was basically a one play drive. Got the the ball on the one and gave them the ball on the three so it's hard to score when you're turning the ball over."

"That has just been something that is happening to us. I mean, it's almost become kind of who we are. It really sucks. It's almost like we can't hold on to the ball."

"We got to get it fixed and it's players. Players have to figure it out. It's gotten to the point that there is nothing, there is not much more that the coaches can do for us, man. They coach us high and tight. We run the drills. We do it over and over and over again and then we turn the rock over."