Sasse Calling For Additional Debates

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Updated: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:41:33 CST

US Senate candidate Ben Sasse wants to add two additional debates before the start of early voting on October 4th.
Today, the Republican nominee asked all candidates to agree to a debate at the Nebraska State Fair on August 25th. He also would like to debate on September 4th, 5th or 12th at a location to be determined.

Sasse said, "With so much at stake, we have a responsibility to make sure that families hear us debate more important issues the Nebraska way."

Sasse will square off in the November election against Democrat Dave Domina and independent candidates Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson.

During the 2012 US Senate race, candidates met just three times. The first debate this year will be held in Lincoln on June 2nd and the second will be held in Ashland on August 7th.