School year brings reminder to "Share our Streets"

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:34:46 CST

School is back in session across much of the area and that means lots of kids out and about. Linda Waldron from the Healthy Hastings Coalition joins us to talk about - as the sign says there - share our streets. Lots of people are seeing these around the streets of Hastings, but they don't know what they mean necessarily. What does this mean? What does this represent? Linda: Actually, the Healthy Hastings group has about 25 of these around town right now and it's an awareness education campaign that we're kickin off right now since schools are starting. We want to make sure that the drivers are very much aware of the people that are on the streets with bikes and pedestrians. They actually have a law that they need to give them 3 foot clearance when they are trying to pass them. And they also have a law that they have to stop and let the pedestrians go across the crosswalks. Chris: And that's the sharing - it's not just for cars out there. It's for bikes and pedestrians also to be part of that and out and about, right? Linda: Absolutely. We want everybody to have a healthier lifestyle, but we want to keep them safe. and part of it too is that pedestrians need to know they need to walk facing the traffic and the bicycle people need to go with the traffic so that they are aware of keeping things safe as well. Chris: Important notes. And you talk about parents should really instill that in their kids, right? Linda: Absolutely. If anybody wants more education about this they have brochures and pamphlets that were handed out to the children in May, but our contact for the coalition is Michael Krings at the YMCA and you can also buy some of these signs if you'd like to to put up in your neighborhood. Chris: And that's a good thing to do. So school is out - the reminder, again, to share the streets. Be watching for those bicyclists and the kids out there walking around as well. Linda Waldron, thank you for joining us today.