Seiler says HRC project would be a win Hastings

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Updated: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 05:40:03 CST

The Hastings Regional Center could be the answer to Nebraska's over crowded prison system. During this past legislative session, lawmakers passed LB 999. The bill was introduced by State Senator Les Seiler. It would upgrade facilities at the Hastings Regional Center to accommodate inmates in need of drug, alcohol and mental health treatment before being released.

State officials in charge of the buildings have given approval to move forward with the next step. That includes talking with architects, engineers, and putting out bids for renovating Building 7. Senator Seiler says this project would be a win for the city of Hastings.

A deadline for a final decision has been set for December 15th. Seiler says that nearly 45 hundred inmates currently do not receive alcohol, drug and mental health treatment while in prison.