Sen. Ashford says this campaign will be different

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Updated: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 07:39:12 CST

The races for Governor and US Senate aren’t the only ones getting crowded.  On Thursday, Senator Brad Ashford filed to run for Representative Lee Terry’s US house seat. 

With his time as a state senator running out, Senator Ashford is hoping to unseat Republican Lee Terry. 

This isn’t the first time the former Republican turned Democrat has run for a position outside the state legislature.  Just last year he ran and lost for Omaha Mayor.  And 20 years ago he unsuccessfully ran for Congress. 

"By reaching out to independents, republicans and democrats.  We are going to run a bipartisan race.  The races that we have been successful in have always been pretty equal between— the support I’ve gotten has been pretty equal between republicans and democrats.  We’ve had a pretty pro-business agenda down here over the years," said State Senator Brad Ashford, District 20.

Another factor Senator Ashford says will make a difference-- his other elections have been while he was at the legislature.  This year, the session will be over in time to fully focus his efforts on the general election.