Sen. Gloor prepares for Vets Home Bill hearing

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Updated: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 08:22:33 CST

It’s the bill that’s grabbed the Tri-Cities’ attention.  On Thursday, the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee will hear testimony on both sides of Senator Mike Gloor’s veterans home bill.  

The bill, LB935, would require legislative approval to move state services between jurisdictions.  But that’s not the part of the bill that’s garnered the most attention. 

The bill would also take a look back on the decision to move the Central Nebraska Veterans Home from Grand Island to Kearney.  And Senator Gloor expects a slow moving hearing with plenty of people on both sides of the issue.

"I hope they talk about, not the process, not the scoring, not the complaints about the fairness of it or how fair it was but in fact talk about the bill.  Which I think is a good bill at its very core.  And that is, why are we moving businesses from one community to another without creating new jobs?" said Sen. Mike Gloor, District 35.

Senator Gloor’s bill would take the decision to move the veterans home away from the committee and into the hands of the legislature— where he says hearings would allow for debate and the voices of veterans to be heard.