Sen. Janssen drops out of Governor's race

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Updated: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 11:46:02 CST

State Senator Charlie Janssen has dropped out of the race for Governor, saying without an established name or a big checkbook the odds of victory are long.

The 43 year-old Republican says this will quickly become one of the most expensive Republican Primaries for Governor in our history. Janssen traveled over 40 thousand miles since announcing his candidacy February 2013. But he says there is just too much ground yet to cover, so he's withdrawing from the race.

The Fremont Senator told the Omaha World Herald, "The way the field was shaping up, I didn't see a clear path to victory."

Republican candidates still in the race for governor include Tom Carlson, Beau McCoy, Pete Ricketts, and Mike Foley; plus Democratic candidate Chuck Hassebrook. Last week Attorney General Jon Bruning said he is considering entering the race.