Sen. Ernie Chambers not on board with good time law changes

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Updated: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 05:40:16 CST

It's week two for the Nebraska State Legislature. With accused murderer Nikko Jenkins in mind Governor Heineman, Attorney General Bruning and State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh are pushing a plan to move from the good time law to earned time.

Today Senator Lautenbaugh said he's already seeing support with about 6 Senators signing up to co-sponsor the bill. But not everyone is giving the bill a vote of confidence.

Senator Brad Ashford who is head of the Judiciary Committee says changing the good time law would require an overhaul of Nebraskans sentencing system because many judge set sentences with the existing law in mind.

Senator Ernie Chambers has made it clear he will block any attempt to change the good time law.

Today on the Senate floor Senator Chambers made his discontent with the Governor and the bill known.

Chambers: "He makes a mockery of him. And the Attorney General and that big fella, whose from the legislature, a Senator Lautenbaugh, should be ashamed of themselves for standing with somebody who said the things that the governor's said."
Senator Chambers went on to say you won't find him advocating for harsher punishment because there are already enough senators who do that.
Instead he will advocate for mercy this session.