Senator wants to remove controversial inheritance tax

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Updated: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 06:14:36 CST

It's the last death tax in Nebraska.  Now one Senator is pushing to completely rid the state of its Inheritance Tax.

While the percentages of the tax have gone down since 2007, on Thursday, State Senator Tom Hansen went before the Revenue Committee to testify in support of getting rid of the tax completely.

Inheritance tax continues to be controversial in our agriculture-dependent state, as families are forced to pay the tax when passing down land from one generation to another.

"I'm a fourth generation on our ranch, my son that runs the ranch is now is a fifth generation, he has kids that are sixth. So we'd like that to stay in one piece and we don't want to have to sell the property to pay inheritance. If it happened right now, if I keeled over today, or my wife and I were both killed in an automobile accident, we'd have to sell land," said State Senator Tom Hansen, District 42.

Senator Hansen does not expect to see the bill advance any further.  But if it does, the Governor has already said he does support it.