Senators Johanns and Fischer Say Waters Of The U.S. Rule Threatens American Tradition

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Updated: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 11:51:34 CST

US Senators Mike Johanns and Deb Fischer are speaking out against the EPA, saying the Waters of the US rule threatens American Tradition.
The Nebraska representatives say the proposed rule could jeopardize traditional Fourth of July fireworks displays across the country.

In a statement, Senator Fischer says, "Once again, Nebraskans are facing the specter of more unintended consequences from heavy-handed EPA regulations, this time it's community fireworks displays."

In a letter along with Republican colleagues, Johanns and Fischer refer to ongoing litigation that has already threatened or ended fireworks displays because plaintiffs say the activities violate the Clean Water Act.

Those fighting the rule say expansion under the Waters of the US rule would further expose municipalities and fireworks display organizers to potential litigation in areas that are currently out of the agency's regulatory reach.

To fight the rule, Senators Johanns, Fischer and colleagues expressed their concern today to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The public comment period on the rule has been extended from July 21st to October 20th.