Smithsonian Institute "Hometown Teams, How Sports Shape America" exhibit comes to Nebraska

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Updated: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 10:39:21 CST

As St. Paul wraps up its annual celebration of baseball legend Grover Cleveland Alexander, a new sports exhibit is making a touchdown today.

The Smithsonian Touring Exhibit called "Hometown Teams, How Sports Shape America" as making its way across the country.

From baseball to figure skating, the exhibit uses posters, memorabilia and trivia games to illustrate the spirit of sports in America.

"Sports are a big part of American life, all sports, and sometimes we just focus only on the players but every spectators important too. When you get together for a sporting event you feel unified and energized." Barbara McIntyre, Exhibit Volunteer.

The exhibit is located in the St. Paul Library. The town is just one of seven cities in Nebraska that were chosen to host the exhibit.

It's free and open 7-days a week through August 9th.