Aurora Cooperative Five Star Performer

Zach Brittain GICC Aurora Cooperative Five Star

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Updated: Thu, 01 May 2014 08:58:15 CST

This week's Aurora Cooperative News 5 Five star Performer is a guy who seems to be improving each time out....

His throws are getting better and he has four more track meets to improve his already impressive marks.

In Monday's rain shortened Central Nebraska Track and Field Championship, GICC Crusader Zach Brittain threw the discus over 195 feet. That was not only the best throw in the state this season, but 3rd best in the nation, a great throw on a nasty day.

Aww, I just heard it just now someone told me and I feel pretty good about that but I just have to keep getting better. There's guys all over, they're training hard and they're going to get better so I just have to get better.

Zach has the best discus and shot put distance in the state so far this season. He has thrown the shot over 57 feet. He's a candidate for the all class gold in the state meet in Omaha next month. He seems to be improving each meet.

Zach popped the 170 foot barrier a few weeks ago, 180 foot barriers last week, 190 foot barrier this week so he's progressing just continually getting better and he has 2 throws over 190 feet.

Zach's future after high school is set, he's going to compete at his coach Keith Kester's alma mater for the Doane Tigers. Tiger coaches were glad to wrap Zach up early.

Zach's got great size. He's going to get bigger and he can do things right now most kids can't so he's going to do very, very well.

Can Zach break the high school record of 203 feet in the discus by former UNK track coach Andy Meyer? That will be tough, but Zach is just thinking about getting better each time out.

O you can always break your PR, you can always do better in track than what you did before and that is why I love the sport.

The Ord Invitationa is this week, conference the following week, then district and state, that's at least 24 more throws in each the shot and discus, it'll be interesting to see just how far Zach will throw each. There is no questiong the excitement will continue to build around Zach Brittain of the GICC Crusaders, our News 5 Aurora Cooperative Five Star Performer