St. Cecilia, GICC Win in HS Basketball, Hawkettes Fall

York Falls to Crusaders, First Duke Loss

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Updated: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 02:11:35 CST

It was one of the most exciting high school basketball finishes of the season when St. Cecilia won at the Buzzer Saturday against Lincoln Christian.

What would the Bluehawks do for an encore tonight.?

....Let's go to Rosencrantz gym in Grand Island for tonight's game against the Northwest Vikings.

Coaches Kevin Asher of St. Cecilia and Ryan Rathke of Northwest talk before the game.

Here in the 1st quarter, it's Darrick McNeilus driving to the basket and scoring two of his 16 points. The Vikings led 2–0.

St. Cecila bounces right back, Dayton Sealey gets a good look, fires a three and knocks it down, Bluehawks by one.

Onto the next possession and once again, McNeilus gets the ball down low and finishes.

Then, the Bluehawks would again dial up the long ball. This time it's Thomas Skok for the "3" and he had 8 points.

It's a back and forth game, as Garrett Koepp comes thru with another basket inside.

Another possession and another 3 by the Bluehakws. This time its Brooks Asher dialing up the triple, he had 8 points.

Zac Kitten led the Bluehawks with 13 as they came from behind to win the game 44–38..